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Bronko Single Pack


Patients with COPD differ in the number and severity of their symptoms. Breathlessness doing things is usually present, and cough and sputum (phlegm) production occur in many patients. If you have COPD it is important that you become familiar with your usual state. When this usual state changes you will then be able to be clear about what has changed, as this will affect your treatment. The BronkoTest COPD Monitoring Pack will enable you to note your usual state by providing you and your doctor / healthcare professional with the information and materials that you will require.
Price: £17.50 (£21.00 Inc. VAT)

COPD An Action Plan x 50


The booklet provides general background information on how people with COPD can help preserve and maintain their overall health.
Price: £150.00 (£180.00 Inc. VAT)

Credit-card style colour chart


This is the item most frequently given by health care professionals to their patients. The card is an inexpensive robust, long lasting colour chart.
Price: £2.00 (£2.40 Inc. VAT)



A 2-week diary card to enable patients to establish a symptom baseline when they are well for them, and to monitor the management of exacerbations.
Price: £2.00

Sputum Colour stickers
For use on medical records or discharge notes to record normal sputum colour or colour on discharge
Price: £1.00

Sympton Diary Booklet
A 48 day record for patient’s to record their major symptoms and treatment and management
Price: £2.00

Wall chart A4


A laminated wall sputum colour wall chart for HCP offices and primary care centres and clinic receptions.
Price: £2.00

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