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Bronko Single Pack
Bronko Single Pack
When faced with an infection caused by bacteria, the body normally responds by using its own natural defences. Antibiotics are needed when these defences fail, and antibiotics can also add to the body’s defences to speed recovery from bacterial infections. In the lung it is relatively easy to detect when the natural defence response to bacteria is overrun by assessing the colour of the sputum (phlegm). When there is uncontrolled bacterial infection in the lungs, neutrophils (usually known as white blood cells) get called into the lung in increasing numbers to fight the infection. If you cough up sputum (phlegm), these cells and the bacteria can be seen under a microscope. However that often doesn’t help the doctor/healthcare professional decide whether an infection is present because it is difficult to carry out these tests in the clinic. Moreover, smaller but misleading amounts of the cells and bacteria can be present even when there is no infection that needs treating. A simpler way to find a lung infection due to bacteria is to look at the colour of the sputum. This works because the white blood cells contain a protein called myeloperoxidase which is only seen in white blood cells and which is intensely green in colour. They contain a protein called myeloperoxidase which is only present in white blood cells and is green in colour. Thus as more white blood cells accumulate in the sputum in response to bacteria, their green colour becomes more obvious.
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