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We have developed a COPD Cost Benefit Model that will allow you to explore the potential impact of the use of BronkoTest as part of a self-management and action tool on COPD admissions. This model allows you to compare COPD admissions in your PCT, with any other group of PCTs to ascertain the potential benefit of using BronkoTest in your population.

During the period 2004-5 to 2005-6, COPD emergency admissions increased nationally by 1%. In the same period, Doncaster PCTs using the BronkoTest colour chart along with simple patient advice had a fall in emergency admissions for COPD of over 10% (Data on file).  Comparing Doncaster on the Cost Benefit Model with a typical PCT, Newcastle-under-Lyme, which had an increase similar to the national average (1.1%) shows that, had they managed to decrease their emergency admissions by a similar amount to Doncaster, they would have been able to save approximately £58,000 for a cost of £3,324. 

Please contact us for a demonstration by webcast at your desk of the results and the implications of the COPD Cost Benefit Model.

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